What We Are Doing


The Katie Compson Foundation is a separate identifiable fund within The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity established by her family and friends to raise funds for The Royal Marsden with the objective of improving the management of pain for cancer patients in the NHS whilst supporting the research into solutions for this the most insidious of diseases.

The Royal Marsden fought long and hard for Katie. Over 18 months they worked tirelessly putting Katie forward for various drug trials and revolutionary surgery and it was appreciated by us all. She had just celebrated her 33rd birthday when she passed away.

This hospital dedicates its time to world-class research to find cures and effective treatment processes for all types of cancer. Whilst doing this, they also ensure that their patients are treated in the most caring way, providing individually tailored care which meets the needs of the whole person. Every patient receives world-class levels of medical care in an environment that caters for their specific needs.

With the money raised by the Katie Compson Foundation, the Royal Marsden team have already developed a revolutionary database that records the varying physical and mental pain levels experienced by all patients treated on both their sites. Our aim is to continue to develop this to a level where it can be shared throughout the NHS, so that anyone going through the painful treatment necessary to save their lives can be treated appropriately. 

We all know someone who is currently affected by this disease and the likelihood is many more of us will at some point be affected by it. We do not want anyone to go through the acute pain and distress that Katie endured and the more money we can put towards this amazing charity the more we can surround our family and friends with hope. Katie would have wanted nothing more than to avoid others going through what she had to.


We are extremely grateful for your donation to the Katie Compson Foundation.

With love

Sarah, Jenny, Pete and Elise