The Marsden March 2013

DSC_1537On March 17th 2013 we watched the heavens open, and grabbed 35 willing (at the start at least) friends and family, and headed out to walk 14 miles between the two hospitals.

For us, it is always emotional coming back to the Royal Marsden, but it makes us more determined to raise money to keep them working on such vital research and treatment. It was a beautiful day in every sense bar the weather! We walked between the RMH Chelsea, and RMH Sutton, with an incredible support crew (Pete, Chris & Macca) who provided a picnic at Mile 9, continual cheering at every potential location, and a lift to the pub at the end. Thank you to everyone who took part – you’re all amazing!

We have managed to raise over £9,000 this year, which is a great achievement. Donations are going directly into the Katie Compson Foundation so we’d love any further contributions – donations can be made HERE

Photos from the event can be found in the Gallery!

Thank you x