Jaki’s October Challenge

As often happens over a glass of wine and pizza night, we’ve come up with some brilliant yet completely nuts fund raising ideas. Sarah and her friend Jaki were doing just that when Jaki had a light bulb moment to come up with the ultimate challenge. On October 5th, she will run the length of the Jubilee Line in London.

The route will see her run through 27 stations, 4 river crossings, and over 30 miles (48km) in total – the length of an Ultra Marathon. She will have a picture taken at each tube stop with a member of TFL staff, and will use boat, cable car and her poor feet to get this challenge complete. Her longest run to date is 13 miles back in 2010, and since then has not run further than the bus stop. But Jaki is putting heart and soul into this challenge – all for the Katie Compson Foundation.

She has 12 weeks to train, a toddler (and number one supporter) Chops to raise, and a company to run. We’re immensely proud of her taking this on.

Please donate to help her reach her target of £5000 by visiting www.justgiving.com/jakiamos

Thank you!! xxx

jaki 1 IMG_0869 IMG_1499