The Marsden March – a day to remember

Hi all

What a lovely start to fundraising this year! The Marsden March once again allowed us the opportunity to join friends and family to walk between the Fulham and Sutton hospitals that we grew to know so much when Katie was being so wonderfully treated there.

30 of us walked for the Compson Crew this year, in cold but beautiful sunshine early on Sunday morning. It is always a humbling walk, seeing how many others have been treated there, lost loved ones, or those going through treatment but still putting one foot in front of the other. The courage everyone has to do this walk is incredible.

If you would like to sponsor the team – please do!

Katie was close to our hearts as ever on this walk, but even more so as we’d just had an update from John Williams on the progress of the Katie Compson pain database. The boards and ethics committees have all approved what we’re trying to achieve, and we are pleased to advise on the following updates:

The Royal Marsden have constructed a new in-house database for all patients with pain at the Marsden. It is now up and running and patients pain levels are being tracked using this. The database is already providing useful information about pain control that will help with the next stages of the database/registry project.

The next stage will be to construct a Pain Control Registry. This will aim to capture more detailed information about patients with pain – with the aim to be used throughout the NHS.

We are still so thrilled that we have moved so far in just 6 months.

Katie would be so proud – thank you for continuing to support us.

With all our love as always,

Sarah, Jenny, Peter & Elise